Digital Comics Club

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Welcome to Digital Comics Club! While our face-to-face clubs are suspended, we will be posting a whole bunch of comics material from our activity book, Let’s Make Comics, as well as prompts from our weekly clubs!

This page gathers all of the links to activities as they are posted on our main page, and updates regularly with resources for you to print at home (or work with digitally!).

Digital Comics Club

Week 1: What Makes a Comic?

Week 2: Let’s Draw!

Week 3: Let’s Make Some Characters!

Week 4: Drawing… With Style!

Week 5: Character Sheets

Week 6: Strike a Pose

Week 7: Let’s Make a Mini-Zine!

Week 8: Telling a Story

Week 9: Writing a Script

Week 10: Pencilling

Week 11: Inking

Week 12: Colouring

Week 13: Lettering

Week 14: Comic Covers

Week 15: Tips & Tricks


Prompt #1: Desert Island

Prompt #2: Giant Egg

Prompt #3: Hero & Villain

Prompt #4: Easter

Prompt #5: Life on Other Planets

Prompt #6: Dream Pet

Prompt #7: Underwater Encounter

Prompt #8: Robot Rampage

Prompt #9: 2 Truths, 1 Lie

Prompt #10: Mad Scientist

Prompt #11: Dream World

Prompt #12: Shrunk!

Prompt #13: Cosplay

Prompt #14: Pirate

Prompt #15: Holiday

Prompt #16: Back to School

Prompt #17: Animal Antics

Prompt #18: Wild West

Prompt #19: Band Practice

Prompt #20: Radioactive

Prompt #21: Silent Comics

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