Digital Comics Club: Week 1!

And so, it begins! DCCS HQ is closed, and the team are working from home. For our first week, we’re starting with some basics – the bread and butter of comics making, if you will. What goes into a comic? What is it made of? Our DCCS mascots will show you!


What Makes a Comic?


What do you think happened to Hamish above?

Was he being chased by a dinosaur? Was he trying to escape the wrath of an angry sibling? Did he get scared by the sound of the washing machine? Also, more importantly, how did he escape?!

It’s completely up to you! As the artist, you control what is seen and what is left to the imagination. You can also control…

Panel shapes!


As Caticorn*  points out, panels can be all shapes and sizes! How many panels do you want on a page? Do different shapes work better than others? What could a star panel be used for? Play around with different things, and have fun!

*Caticorn was designed by Sen, one of our young comics makers!
These above images are from Dundee Comic Creative Space’s ‘Let’s Make Comics’. Artwork by Rebecca Horner.