Digital Comics Club: Week 7


Let’s Make a Mini-Zine!

What is a zine, you might ask? The word “zine” comes from magazine, and they started to get popular in the 1960s. They’re also known as fanzines, minis, minicomics, and many other names.

The ‘rules’ for making a zine are as follows:

    1. You can make it using simple methods – drawing, painting, collage, or whatever other materials you can get your hands on!
    2. You can photocopy as many copies as you want!
    3. You can then sell/trade/gift them! (or build your own fortress of zines)
    4. There are no rules!

Zines can be about literally anything. Maybe you would make a zine about objects that begin with the letter B, or how much you love Clippy, or how many times you’ve seen a yellow car drive past your window. Zines can also be sketchbooks, journals, or, most importantly – comics!

At DCCS, we most often make our zines using a single sheet of A4 paper and a pair of scissors. Following the steps below, we can turn it into an 8-page book!



You can also use different sizes of paper! An A3 sheet will give you more space to draw (but will be harder to photocopy), while an A5 sheet would give you less space to draw (but you could make more copies).

Below are a couple of templates for you to use – one with the folding instructions, and another with some drawing prompts. Go make some zines!


How-To-Zine illustrations by Norrie Millar.