Digital Comics Club: Back in Action!

Now that the schools are going back, we’re switching up our Digital Comics Club scheduling! Going forward, comics prompts will be posted every Tuesday afternoon. Let’s get started with our first prompt of the term.

You’re going back to school!
What are you looking forward to? What are your worries?


Make a comic about how you feel.


Whatever you may feel about going back to school during a global pandemic, know that your feelings are valid, and you are not alone.

Digital Comics Club: Week 13

You’ve written a story for your comic (and maybe turned it into a script), you’ve pencilled and inked it, and maybe you’ve coloured it too! You’re on a roll! What else might you need?



Words in boxes, balloons, bubbles, and other shapes! We covered this briefly way back in Week 1, but here’s a reminder of the types of balloons that we see the most often:


Like every other part of comics, lettering has endless possibilities. Some people letter by hand, others letter digitally (you can even design your own fonts), and it can look totally different depending on the comic! Have a look at the comics around you – what does the lettering look like?


Lettering Rules

Lettering can be tricky! Is there enough room for words in your panels? How big should your balloons be? Are two people talking in the same panel?! AHH! Here are some tips to make it easier:



Sound Effects

Part of the fun of sound effects is making them look like the sound that they’re making! Think about what you ‘hear’ in your head as you imagine different sounds – what’s loud? What’s quiet? What else can you draw to make it really have an impact? Have a go at drawing your own sounds with the sheet below:


Comic Example: Step by Step!

We’ve gone through the steps on our own comic over the past few weeks, and now you can see them all together!

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The above images (unless otherwise stated) are by Rebecca Horner.