Introducing the Artists: Anna Coughlan

Our social media volunteer Caitlin has been catching up with some of our newest artists at DCCS. Drawing of Anna by Jules Valera.



Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Anna Coughlan and I’m from Cork in Ireland. I moved to Dundee because I wanted to do the Masters programme – I just graduated in August from the MLitt Comic Studies course! There’s a really good comics community in Dundee; it’s a developing city but it’s worth staying here just for the comics scene!

What made you want to become an artist?

I’ve always been drawing, I was just kind of obsessed with drawing as a kid and I started reading comics when I was 8, so as I got older it seemed like a natural thing to do!

Do you have a preferred style of art?

I mainly work traditionally, but I’m trying to learn how to do more graphic stuff. I tend to use a lot of dark saturations, with a lot of black and deep hues in my colours. So yeah, I mainly like to draw with pens and markers and ink.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

When I’m not drawing.. I guess playing computer games and reading comics! My favourite games might be Fallout and Resident Evil.

What is your favourite comic of all time?

My favourite series would have to be Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher; and my favourite graphic novel is Grant Morrison and Dave McKean’s Arkham Aslyum: A Serious House on A Serious Earth

What is the best thing about working in DCCS?

The facilities – there’s a decent computer with all the programmes you could want, and a graphics tablet. Also it’s a nice atmosphere; everyone’s respectful of each other’s work, and quite quiet. It’s also really nice to work with the kids, to encourage them to pursue comics; it’s an area that isn’t really encouraged in schools as much as other kinds of art. So it’s nice to be part of that.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently doing two commissions of album covers. I’m also doing an autobiographical comic and a short comic on H.G. Wells’ Red Room – so I have a lot going on!

How can we follow you on social media?

Instagram: @annaaack

Thanks Anna!

– Caitlin

What we’re reading during Book Week Scotland – part 7

On the final day of Book Week Scotland one for the newest artists in DCCS, Anna Coughlan, lets us know what she has been reading lately.

Essex County by Jeff Lemire is a collection of  three stories that pack a punch! – (Tales from the Farm, Ghost Stories, and The Country Nurse). Lemire’s art style is beautifully simplistic, only using black ink on white paper. The minimal dialogue augments the character’s sense of loneliness and isolation.

Prepare for your heartstrings to be pulled!”

– Anna


What we’re reading during Book Week Scotland – part 6

So, just what is DCCS artist Andy Strachan reading this week?

“I am reading The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes. This has been a brilliant discovery as I am new to the comic genius of Bill Watterson and his much loved creations. Calvin is a hyper-active six year old and Hobbes is a soft toy tiger who lives in Calvin’s imagination as a best friend. The stories are poignant, philosophical and often very funny. Bill Watterson displays a mastery of comic book storytelling. I particularly liked the visual storytelling where the pictures said it all and words were not required.”

– Andy Strachan

Two classic Calvin and Hobbes strips © Bill Watterson

What we’re reading during Book Week Scotland – part 5

Today DCCS artist Norrie Millar tells us his pick for Book Week Scotland.

“With the Luc Besson Valerian film coming to theaters soon, I thought it was a perfect time to catch up with the Valerian & Laureline series of comics by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mezieres. Starting with The City of Shifting Water, the series tells the adventures of Valerian and Laureline, two futuristic adventurers who try to keep the peace across the vastness of time and space. The books mix beautiful art and intelligent concepts which were hugely influential on later films The Fifth Element, and Star Wars. Timeless stuff!”

– Norrie


Ink & Pixels exhibition ends Saturday 26th November

Ink & Pixels ends this coming Saturday (26th November). The exhibition was curated by Louise Quirion and has been a great success – it was billed as the number one thing to see in Dundee this month!

This free exhibition is an opportunity to discover (or re-discover) Dundee’s comic scene! From The Beano to Treehouse, and all points in between. Humorous comics, serious comics, big and small, drawn with ink and pixels… This exhibition highlights contemporary graphic creation in Dundee. It also offers the chance to see comics by the next up-and-coming generation of comics makers – the DCCS Comics Clubbers!

Curator Louise Quirion will be on hand on Saturday to talk about the exhibition and provide information about the comics and artists. Open 12 to 6pm in DCCS HQ at Unit 7, The Vision Building, 20 Greenmarket, Dundee, DD1 4QB.

Look out for details of our next exhibition coming soon!

poster by Elliot Balson

What we’re reading during Book Week Scotland – part 4

Next up in our reading picks for Book Week Scotland is DCCS artist Catriona Laird.

“I’m always reading webcomic when it updates. I discovered it a few years ago and backed the first kickstarter to make physical copies of volume 1. It deals with the concept of inner demons in a futuristic setting where a large part of the galaxy is ruled by a domineering godlike figure called Titan. Ava is plagued by a demon, Wrathia, who opposed Titan in the past but was ultimately defeated by him and bonded herself to Ava in order to continue living and seek revenge. The comic is enhanced by superb animations at key moments in the story with some amazing music to accompany it.”

– Catriona

A panel from Ava’s Demon by Michelle Czajkowski

What we’re reading during Book Week Scotland – part 3

Here’s what DCCS artist Rebecca Horner is reading when she isn’t drawing comics.

“I’m reading By Crom! by Rachel Kahn. It’s an autobio comic where the artist is guided through her struggles by the endless wisdom of Conan the Barbarian.”

– Rebecca

By Crom! page 1 by Rachel Kahn

What we’re reading during Book Week Scotland – part 2

In our second Book Week Scotland post, DCCS artist Elliot Balson tells us what he has been reading lately.

“My pick is Head Lopper by Andrew MacLean. It’s a Mignola-esque fantasy set in the Highlands, featuring a stoic warrior called Norgal, or Headlopper, and his companion – the decapitated head of a witch. It’s a fun tale, with gorgeous visuals, with equal touches of Hellboy, Adventure Time, and The Witcher.”

– Elliot

Cover to Head Lopper volume 1 by Andrew MacLean