Oor Wullie Bucket Trail finishes!

That’s it folks, the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail is over! The removal of the Oor Wullies began on Saturday, as the team behind the Trail lifted away the statues from their various locations around Dundee – all 55 of them! Hopefully many of you got the chance to see most of the Oor Wullies, but (like me) some might only now be realising their desire to adventure round the whole of the Bucket Trail. Never fear – the Wullies are off to be polished up before being displayed in two weeks at a special event in the centre of Dundee! From the 9th to the 11th of September, all of the Oor Wullies will be on display in the Slessor Gardens by the Waterfront. So you still have the chance to see them all one last time (without the hassle of walking/cycling/driving too far between them) and to take many a selfie with them before they are taken to be sold at auction.

oor elvis 2

This was a project close to our hearts as it was celebrating one of Dundee’s most famous comics book heroes, and we were really happy to take part – we created (literally) our Wullie, aka Oor Elvis (above), which was designed by Cole Lawson, one of our Comics Clubbers, and painted by DCCS Coordinator Damon Herd. Keep an eye out for him if you attend the special event in two weeks!

Not only did we design one of the Wullies, DCCS also got more involved in the project when our Coordinator Damon cycled around the whole Bucket Trail in one day! Starting at Carnoustie Golf Course and finishing up at Dr Manhattan outside Dundee University, Damon covered 35 miles in total on what turned out to be the hottest day of summer – no mean feat. We are all very proud of you Damon! You can learn more about this adventure by reading his Bucket Trail blog post.

howf wullie

Overall The Bucket Trail has been a fantastic project, and no doubt the star attraction of Dundee this summer for both children and adults! I’ve really enjoyed getting to see lots of the Oor Wullies, and to experience the buzz that they have created in the city! Everyone at DCCS is very proud and happy that we got the chance to be a part of the Trail through Oor Elvis, and the legacy will live on as we are bringing him back to live in the Space – pop in and visit him anytime!

– Caitlin Mitchell

DCCS Coordinator Damon and social media volunteer Caitlin meet Oor Wullie as Dr Manhattan.