Dave Gibbons

During our launch week and in partnership with Literary Dundee we are hosting two events with Comics Laureate Dave Gibbons as part of Dundee Literary Festival 2015.

Dave Gibbons: Comics & Creativity
Wednesday 21st October 4pm

Dave Gibbons, an Honorary Graduate from the University of Dundee, is one of the most famous comics artists in the world, best known as the co-creator of Watchmen, the ground-breaking graphic novel written by Alan Moore. Dave was appointed Comics Laureate in October 2014, the first in the UK, a champion and advocate for the power of comics in improving children’s literacy. One year in the role, we’re delighted to welcome him back to Dundee for a special lecture to mark the opening of Dundee Comics Creative Space, to reflect on his career, visual literacy and learning through creativity.

Check out the event on the Literary Dundee website for more details and to book a place.

Dave Gibbons: Creating Comics Workshop
Thursday 22nd October 11am

Dave will be leading a ‘Creating Comics’ workshop for 14-17 year olds – a brilliant opportunity to learn more about Dave’s methods in producing comic art, to use his expertise to produce your own, and to explore Dundee’s new comics space.

Check out the event on the Literary Dundee website for more details and to book a place.